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Running Maple in an X Window environment

To use the Maple graphical user interface in X Window mode you must be running an X server on your desktop system. This can be the X11 utility application that comes as part of the Macintosh OS X system, the Cygwin X Window package available as freeware for Microsoft Windows, or other X Window server.

There are two options for Maple X Window interfaces: -cw and -x. The -cw option selects the "Classic Worksheet" interface. This provides a basic worksheet environment and is much faster than the full X Window interface. The -x option selects the "Standard Worksheet" interface. This is fancier, but slower.

From an xterm window start an IRES session from Cygwin with the command:
    ssh -X
or from Macintosh X11 with the command:
    ssh -Y
where "username" is the name of your IRES account.

At the command prompt in your IRES session enter
    maple -cw
    maple -x