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IRES Instruction and Research Server
Web Services
Providing web services from IRES

The main IRES server is intended for research computing, not for use as a web server. However, because serving web pages associated with SAS can be accomplished most efficiently via a local web server Apache is available for researchers who need this capability.

A separate research web server is available for people who had web content on the previous research server (Lark), or who need to set up research or course-related web content. This web hosting environment ( is designed to securely host web-based materials.

Access and functionality

1) You will need to use SFTP (secure FTP) to upload files to the new server.

If you are using Dreamweaver, please make sure that you are using MX2004 or Dreamweaver 8.  Go to help>About Dreamweaver.  Otherwise, you will need to update your copy of Dreamweaver.

If you need another way to upload your files we suggest the following freeware:

For PC:

FileZilla  -
Core FTP -

For Mac

Fugu -
Transmit -

2) Access to is limited to KU IP addresses (on campus or via KU Anywhere) for upload and administration. 

If you have an external source that maintains your website (commercial vendor) you will need to send the vendor's information to

3) The new server does not allow counters.  If you need stats for your site, that can be done for you.  You will be provided with a link to access your stats.

4) Any existing forms that are using the form2mail script will need to be updated to the new kuemailform script.  Assistance with this task can be provided for you.

Getting Help

If you need help please contact